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Volunteer for Prism

Prism United wouldn’t be possible without the support of the broader community. If you believe in our mission and want to get involved, there are a number of ways to serve as a volunteer.

Volunteers must be at least nineteen years old. To apply for any of our volunteer positions, just send us a volunteer application. 


  • Prism Youth Facilitator
  • Prism Families Facilitator
  • Prism Discord Facilitator
  • Food Service Volunteer
  • Media Team Member
  • and more…

Leadership Opportunities

Prism United relies upon uniquely skilled program directors to bring its services into existence. These positions offer limited hours (anywhere from 5-20 hours of work per month) and substantial autonomy to those who fill them. Program directors sign year or half-year contracts with Prism. Currently, we’re looking for program directors to run our Prism Teens and Prism Families programs. For more information about these positions, email us at

Support Prism United

Volunteering isn’t the only way to support Prism. Give a gift to support our programs.


Thank you to the supporters who make Prism possible.

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If you or your organization provides a service that might be beneficial to Prism United, reach out to us at


Prism United responds to the comprehensive needs of LGBTQ youth. Specifically, Prism works to mitigate the psychological, socio-economic, and academic disadvantages caused by repression and victimization.

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