Prism Prom

An LGBTQ+ Prom for High-schoolers

Prom Without the Baggage

School proms often come with a caveat for LGBTQ+ teens: they can attend, but not as their authentic selves or with the date of their choice. This leaves many LGBTQ+ high-schoolers feeling like outsiders at what is supposed to be one of the most exciting nights of their lives.

Prism Prom offers a radiant evening where LGBTQ+ youth can immerse themselves in an environment of acceptance and joy. It stands as a beacon of inclusivity, allowing attendees to be themselves, surrounded by peers who embrace and support them.

“I am thankful my daughter could dress the way that made her feel comfortable and I am thankful for the acceptance she felt. She hasn’t stopped smiling and talking about it.”

Parent of Prom Attendee

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