Mission & Values

The Guiding Principles that Shape Our Path

Mission Statement

Prism United responds to the comprehensive needs of LGBTQ+ youth in southwest Alabama. Specifically, Prism works to mitigate the psychological, socio-economic, and academic disadvantages caused by repression and victimization.

The culture of Prism is full of wonder and imagination.

Julisa Kidd

Julisa Kidd
Former Board Member


Diversity & Inclusion

Everyone’s voice matters. We value the breadth, depth, and diversity of experience that each individual brings to our organization. We strive to build an organization that reflects the vibrant diversity of our community.


We believe that individuals have the best opportunity to thrive in secure environments. We commit to establishing processes that promote healing and reduce harm.


The wellness of individuals is inherently tied to the systems within which those individuals exist. We believe that supporting LGBTQ+ youth requires a holistic approach, advocating for support in familial and institutional contexts. Similarly, we believe that sustaining Prism’s work must be an ongoing effort of the community. 


Meaningful decisions should be data-driven. We strive to act in accordance with available social science that speaks to the needs and well-being of LGBTQ+ youth.


Exuberant self-expression is central to the queer experience. We celebrate the virtue of joy for building self-love, empowerment, and resilience in the individual and for fostering pride and solidarity in the community.


Trust allows us to speak to each other with openness and honesty and to listen with non-judgmental interest and compassion. We believe that trust is only possible when honesty, and transparency responsibility are practiced. 


Traditional top-down business models perpetuate systems of inequity. We believe in power with, not power over. We commit to cultivating a cooperative governing ethos within the organization.


Radical self-love and acceptance sets people free. We celebrate the way that queerness invites us to embrace the extraordinary diversity of lived experience, challenge cultural biases and assumptions, and deconstruct self-limiting beliefs.