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Cultural Competency Training

Prism’s LGBTQ+ Cultural Competency Training elevates understanding, empathy, inclusivity, and cohesion within professional and personal environments. Our training is designed to be interactive, with a balanced mix of information delivery, personal storytelling, group discussion, and practical advice for creating more inclusive social environments. We aim to not only educate but also empower organizations and individuals to become better providers, colleagues, and friends to the LGBTQ+ community.

Training Information
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Strategic Consultation

Is your team trying to navigate an LGBTQ-related conflict or brainstorm how to create a more inclusive environment in your space? We’d love to be a thought partner! Prism collaborates closely with leadership teams to assess current practices, identify areas for improvement, and implement bespoke solutions that resonate with all stakeholders. Our approach is holistic, considering everything from internal communications and HR policies to external engagement and community outreach, ensuring that inclusivity becomes a core aspect of your organization’s identity.

Startup Support

Interested in launching a program for LGBTQ+ youth in your community but don’t know where to start? Through our Startup Support package, we share curriculum content, document templates, and insights into program development. We also offer consultation and access to virtual facilitator training opportunities. We know how daunting it can be to get a new project off the ground, and it would delight us to support you in your endeavor.

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Interested in using Prism United for cultural competency training, strategic consultation, or startup support? Shoot us an email at [email protected] to get started!