Prism Awards

Recognizing Leaders and Advocates in Our Community

The Prism Changemaker Award

The Prism Changemaker Award is an opportunity to celebrate individuals making significant strides in advocating for and supporting the LGBTQ+ community. This award recognizes trailblazers who have shown exceptional commitment, creativity, and courage in their efforts to promote equality, understanding, and inclusivity in southwest Alabama.

Tiffany Trotter

Tiffany Trotter (she/her)

Prism Changemaker 2024

We met Tiffany at a Prism Teens gathering after she co-founded the Gay Straight Alliance at Murphy High School. In the years since, we’ve watched her emerge as a natural leader and powerhouse of the community, organizing the George Floyd protest in Mobile, raising visibility in the Who We Are Campaign, organizing a mutual aid fund during the first two summers of the pandemic, and serving as project manager of the southwest Alabama Inclusion Project.

Tiffany, thank you for your advocacy, your moral courage, and your powerful impact in our community.

Alysandria Embergale (fae/she)

Prism Changemaker 2023

Aly’s contribution to the local LGBTQ+ community has been immeasurable. In 2021, fae organized the Gulf Coast Trans Beach Vacation, an experience that one attendee described as “life-changing.” Aly was the chief architect of Trans·Lucent, the first-ever city-sponsored trans pride event in the history of Mobile. She’s served as staff and on the board of Rainbow Pride Of Mobile. And she brought one of the sharpest analytical minds we’ve ever had to the Prism board during her tenure as Records Officer.

Aly, we are so proud of who you are and how the embers of your time in Mobile continue to radiate into our lives.

Aly Embergale
Max Kuzma

Maxwell Kuzma (he/him)

Prism Changemaker 2022

At the beginning of September 2021, Max began working on the Who We Are Campaign, a docuseries featuring the stories of LGBTQ+ youth across Mobile and Baldwin counties. The campaign videos received over 20,000 views online. He has written about his experiences of coming out as transgender and embracing an LGBTQ-affirming vision of his Catholic faith for the National Catholic Reporter, New Ways Ministry, and Outreach (all of which can be read on the Published Works page of this website).

Max, thank you for living in such a way that we had to create an award to celebrate it.

The Prism Guardian Award

An award to an exceptional parent for their powerful support and advocacy, not only of their child, but of the broader community of LGBTQ+ youth in southwest Alabama.

Brooke Thistlewaite

Brooke Thistlethwaite (she/her)

Prism Guardian 2024

Brooke has stood out to us not only as a fiercely loving and dedicated parent but as someone willing to contribute her time and energy to support LGBTQ+ youth. She has been on the decor team at our major events, has tabled for us at outreach opportunities, and has been a voice of wisdom and compassion at our Prism Families gatherings.