An Overview of Our Programs & Services

Prism Teens

Programs for LGBTQ+ youth and allies ages 14-18

Members of Prism Teens get to create art, go on scavenger hunts, meet community leaders, and, most importantly, make a lot of great friends in a warm, affirming environment. 

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Programs For LGBTQ+ Preteens And Allies Ages 10-13

Members of Prism Preteens embark on a guided journey through our virtue-based curriculum, exploring virtues like courage and wisdom while earning virtue badges along the way.

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Prism Preteens

Prism Families

Programs for parents, legal guardians, and other loved ones of LGBTQ+ youth

Members of Prism Families gather to support each other through the unique challenges and triumphs of raising LGBTQ+ children.

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Other Ways We Support Our Youth and Their Families

Leadership Initiative

Teens get to choose from a number of volunteer opportunities to build leadership skills, learn about advocacy work, and meet local LGBTQ+ changemakers.

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Mental & Medical Care

The search for compassionate and understanding professional services can be daunting for LGBTQ+ youth and their families. We’re committed to changing this narrative. 

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Material & Legal Support

Resources for gender-diverse and housing-insecure LGBTQ+ youth including care kits, clothing, and legal name change support.

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Cultural Competency Training

Prism’s LGBTQ+ Cultural Competency Training aims to elevate understanding, empathy, and inclusivity within professional and personal environments.

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