Material & Legal Support

Resources for Gender-Diverse & Housing-Insecure Youth

Customizable Care Kits

Our customizable care kits offer support to LGBTQ+ young people experiencing housing insecurity, empowering them with agency over their personal care needs. Tailored to individual preferences, these kits enable youth to select essential hygiene and care products, ensuring they receive the items they need most. With each backpack filled with care and support, we strive to foster dignity, comfort, and inclusivity for every young person we serve.

Prism Wardrobe

The Prism Wardrobe offers a compassionate and supportive environment for housing-insecure LGBTQ+ youth to access high-quality, affirming clothing options. Authentic self-expression is a pathway to joy and self-confidence, and through our initiative, we aim to empower youth to embrace themselves just as we embrace them—with pride.

Legal Name Change Support 

Prism simplifies the legal name change process for LGBTQ+ individuals in southwest Alabama by providing a concise to-do list, required forms, and document delivery assistance (if requested). We strive to facilitate a smooth name change transition, empowering individuals to legally affirm their identity with ease and confidence.

For information about any of the above resources, contact us at [email protected].

Special Thanks to Care Kit & Wardrobe Partners and Sponsors