Prism Preteens

LGBTQ+ Youth & Allies Ages 10-13

Prism Preteens Gatherings

The Prism Preteens program offers gatherings in Mobile for middle-school-age LGBTQ+ youth. The program follows a virtue-based curriculum that aims to help preteens develop prosocial skills and learn strategies for emotional self-regulation. Along with guided activities, sessions include breaks for play and socializing, nurturing friendships that often extend beyond the Prism space.

Our Curriculum

The Prism Preteens curriculum was designed by Prism’s leadership team and developed by a Mobile County educator who serves as our Prism Preteens Program Director. The curriculum takes program participants on a journey where they get to encounter different virtues and put them to practice as a team. After completing each virtue unit, the preteens are awarded badges in a jubilant ceremony, furnished with food and drinks. The badges symbolize character development and personal growth in these adolescent youngsters, accomplishments that they can carry with them and remember with pride.

The Virtue Badges

Our seven virtue badges were thoughtfully designed by local tattoo artist Sean Herman, owner of the not-soon-to-be-forgotten Serpents of Bienville. Over the span of a year, program participants have the opportunity to earn them all.

Community Badge
Justice Badge
Pride Badge
Love Badge
Courage Badge
Wisdom Badge
Joy badge
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Traditional colors Rainbow

Register Today!

Youth must be registered by a parent to participate in the Prism Preteens program. Email us at [email protected] for a Prism Preteens registration form.

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