Prism Teens

LGBTQ+ Youth & Allies Ages 14-18

Prism Teens Gatherings

Through our Prism Teens program, we host gatherings in Mobile, the Eastern Shore, and Gulf Shores for high-school-age LGBTQ+ youth. Led by trained facilitators, gatherings center around activities that utilize art, creative writing, games, movement, and other mediums to foster self-love and a sense of belonging. LGBTQ+ special guests, including professionals, artists, and community leaders, are periodically invited to speak about their experiences growing up, going to school, and pursuing a career.

Group of individuals sitting around a table interacting, with games visible, in a room with a pride flag on the wall.
group of teens playing D&D
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People engaging in a plant potting activity on a patterned tablecloth.

Our Curriculum

The Prism Teens curriculum was developed as a foundation for the Prism Teens program. Built into the curriculum are 10 learning objectives that promote personal growth, empathy, resilience, and self-expression. Each activity is aligned with these objectives, ensuring a dynamic, purposeful experience at Prism Teens. Our curriculum also gives program participants an opportunity to learn about advocacy and LGBTQ+ history, empowering them to think about their place in the greater story of LGBTQ+ progress.

Two individuals with pride flags sitting by a lakeside at dusk.
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Register Today!

If you are 14-18 and interested in attending a Prism Teens gathering, or if you are the guardian of someone who might like to attend, contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Program Perks


For teens who don’t have a means of transportation or live in an unsupportive household, attending Prism’s in-person gatherings can be a challenge. With this in mind, we invite members of Prism Teens to join our private Discord server where they can chat virtually with their peers and Prism’s support group facilitators. For access to the Prism Discord server, register for Prism Teens.

Prism Youth Library

Because we recognize the scarcity of LGBTQ-related characters and themes in youth literature, we’ve curated an LGBTQ+ young adult literature library with community support. 

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At gatherings, teens get to enjoy food catered by a local business or prepared by a member of our Nutrition Team. If you’d like to join our Nutrition Team, let us know by filling out a Prism volunteer application.


Prism Late Nights

On a monthly basis, we transform our youth room into a special event space, offering experiences like open mic, PJ movie parties, holiday dinners, spa days, DnD, costume-karaoke, lock-ins, and more!

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