The Prism Newsletter – The Pride Edition, pt. 2

Jul 7, 2021

In the first part of our Pride Edition newsletter, we gave an overview of the events that Prism led or attended during Pride season. As it turns out, the Prism team wasn’t the only group mobilizing for Prism last month. Here’s a look at some of the folks who showed us their love and support:

The Causeway Rebellion, a fan group of the local soccer team AFC Mobile, held their annual Prideraiser for Prism this year. The Prideraiser gave people the opportunity to make a pledge to Prism per goal that AFC Mobile scored in the month of June. The free-spirited fan group didn’t stop there—they raffled gift baskets and sold custom-made scarves to add to their fundraising haul. Altogether, they brought in almost $2000 for Prism. A special thanks to Keath Kaufmann who spearheaded the effort. See you in the bleachers!

The talented crew at Hair-do Salon designed and sold tie-dye t-shirts and gave the proceeds to Prism United Fairhope. They raised $500 for our Fairhope chapter. Then, they showed up to paint faces at Prism United Fairhope’s Color Fairhope with Pride eventThanks for being such spectacular allies! 

Let’s do the time warp again! ♫  —  The Mystic Society of Rocky Horror raised about $400 for Prism during a Rocky Horror Pride Show at the Crescent Theater. Keep on dancin’, y’all! Thanks for your generosity. 

The owners of Citrus & Cane reached out to us to let us know that, from here on out, they’ve decided to donate 10% of all their sales to Prism United! Be sure to check out their store by following the link above. 

The folks at CenterLink included Prism in its Can’t Cancel Pride fundraiser. CenterLink provides resources and guidance to LGBTQ centers across the country. You can watch this year’s Can’t Cancel Pride, featuring artists like Troye Sivan and Dolly Parton, here.

Our friends at Airbus sponsored the Color Fairhope with Pride event. Our enormous gratitude to them and the locals who made Fairhope’s first pride event a wonderful success! 

There are many many others who have volunteered, contributed, prepared meals, set up tables, donated books, provided services, and lifted up our work since our genesis as an organization. To all of you who have helped us bring Prism United into existence—thank you, thank you, thank you. With your support, we’re excited to continue developing robust programming so that we can better fulfill our mission: to respond to the comprehensive needs of LGBTQ youth on the Alabama Gulf Coast. We’re all in this together.

Warmest regards,
The Prism Team

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Prism United responds to the comprehensive needs of LGBTQ youth. Specifically, Prism works to mitigate the psychological, socio-economic, and academic disadvantages caused by repression and victimization.

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