The Prism Newsletter – The Pride Edition, pt. 1

Did you feel all that pride? 

Because WE sure did. What an eventful season we’ve had at Prism! So eventful, in fact, that we’re breaking this newsletter up into three parts. This first part is a birds-eye-view of the events we hosted or participated in last month. Let’s jump in!

On June 5th, Prism leadership gathered with volunteers and donors to celebrate those who make Prism’s existence possible. We look forward to the next opportunity to connect with more members of the broader Prism family.


On June 6th, Prism Fairhope Site Director Sarah Fischer gave a talk at the Fairhope Unitarian Fellowship about supporting LGBTQ+ youth in the community. Our deepest gratitude to the congregation for being so eager to show its support. 

On June 10th, we joined our friends at Airbus at their new Flight Works Alabama facility to participate in a discussion about allyship. We’re grateful for the relentless allies we’ve found in the Airbus team. A special thanks to Frank Ortiz and Ethan Mattocks for their powerful leadership.


On June 11th, Mobile saw its first ever pride-themed LODA ArtWalk, and it couldn’t have been more spectacular. From the second line parade to the drag show in Cathedral Square to the hundreds of people we interacted with at the Prism table—we’re still buzzing with pride about that evening. A big thanks to Mobile Parks & Rec, the Mobile Arts Council, and all the people who worked hard to make this event possible. 

(to see more of Dan Domenzain’s photography of this event, follow this link)

On June 13th, Prism sponsored Door to Serenity’s Drag Social fundraiser at B-Bobs. Door to Serenity works to give individuals “equal access to available resources on the path to living free from drug and alcohol addiction.” 

On June 19th, Prism board member Alysandria Embergale represented Prism at Gamers N Geeks Anime Con where she had the opportunity to tell interested youth about our Prism Teens program. Thanks, Aly!

On June 25th, Prism United Fairhope organized the first ever Fairhope-sanctioned LGBTQ+ event: “Color Fairhope with Pride”. The event saw an impressive turnout by people of all ages, many of whom chalked the sidewalks with pride-themed art, created their own custom-made pride buttons, and had their faces painted by our friends at Hair-do Salon. We couldn’t be more proud of Fairhope for showing up.


On June 27th, Prism joined other LGBTQ+ organizations at Rainbow Mobile’s Pride Picnic Celebration in West Mobile. Kudos to the Rainbow Mobile team and their new executive director, Cari Searcy, on the job well done! Thanks for helping us end an already eventful month on such a high note.

In part two of our Pride Edition newsletter, we look forward to recognizing the generosity of those who did things for Prism during Pride Month. 

Warmest regards,
The Prism Team