The Latest at Prism

Greetings, friends! Spring has us reflecting over how much Prism has grown over the two and a half years of its existence. Since fall of 2018, we’ve:

  • Facilitated 105 in-person gatherings between our Prism Teens, Prism Preteens, and Prism Families programs;
  • Facilitated 168 virtual gatherings to keep our programs available for teens & preteens during the pandemic;
  • Served over 150 individuals at our gatherings;
  • and Provided LGBTQ+ cultural competency training for over 175 people, including college students and mental health professionals.

We couldn’t pull any of this off without the talent and dedication of our facilitators. Prism currently works with a team of 20 active facilitators and remembers with pride the facilitators who volunteered when Prism was a fledgling effort. We’ll never forget you and neither will the kids.



Prism has been coordinating with organizations around the state, like Magic City Acceptance Center, the SPLC, the ACLU, HRC Alabama, and many others to fight against the trans hate bills making their way through the Alabama State Legislature. 


We’d like to thank everyone who helped us raise awareness by sharing our PSA video and our video of Adrian, a Prism youth who wanted to speak up. We’d also like to boost the work of our friends at Magic City Acceptance Center in Birmingham whose billboard has already reached tens of thousands of people. You can find and share the post on Facebook here. Be sure to use #ProtectAlabamaTransKids while sharing content about the bills.



“As a member of the transgender community and as someone with several transgender friends, reading this bill scares me. My parents are supportive but the thought of not being able to go on hormones until I’m no longer a minor, past the age of the beginning of puberty, is heartbreaking.”
– Apollo, Prism Teen


“Minors should have the freedom to feel safe at school and to be free to tell faculty without said faculty having to decide between a Class C felony or ethics… I hope that you can change your minds on this law because every kid should have a right to be themselves.”
– Cecil, Prism Teen



Everyone who attended the Prism Event Day with special guest Ramsey Sprague was awe-struck by Ramsey’s story and their commitment to justice. Ramsey, thank you for joining us and inspiring us to move further into alignment with our own values. What a gift you are to the world.


Big shoutout to the new members of the Prism board: Jenny Arras, Chenele Chapman, Alysandria Embergale, Julisa Kidd, and Dan Van Nostrand. Welcome to the family, y’all!


Prism United will be the proud recipient of this year’s Prideraiser, a fundraiser put on by Causeway Rebellion. Causeway Rebellion is an independent support group of the soccer team AFC Mobile. To participate in the Prideraiser, head over to the Prideraiser Pledge Page and pledge to donate X amount ($2, $5, $10, etc,) for every goal scored between now and July 5th. As a point of reference, AFC Mobile scored 10 and 8 goals during the previous two Prideraisers. 

And in case you’d rather make a direct donation to Prism:


Thanks for your support. It makes our work possible.

With love,
The Prism Team