Prism Teens

Programming for LGBTQ youth and allies ages 14-18

Virtual Gatherings

Currently, we offer three regular virtual gatherings for teens:

  • Prism Hangouts – a bi-monthly discussion group offering a laid back environment and occasional activities. Meetings are held on Zoom.
  • Prism Event Days – a bi-monthly gathering that features a game (e.g., Among Us, Jackbox TV) or a special guest.  Meetings are held on Zoom or Discord.
  • Prism D&D – a weekly experience led by Prism’s talented Dungeon Masters. Create your own character and be a part of the unfolding story. Meetings are held on Zoom.

Registering for our Prism Teens virtual gatherings is easy! Just shoot us an email at letting us know that you’d like to join.


We recognize that it’s not always safe for youth to join our video and audio-based gatherings. That’s why we’ve created a private Discord server where teens can have safe, confidential, text-based conversations with their peers. Channels (i.e., chatrooms) on our server are monitored by facilitators who interact with and support the teens.

Prism Teens Gatherings - TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED

Prism meets weekly at our youth room in Mobile and bi-monthly at our Fairhope location. Gatherings are structured around an activity, usually with an artistic, therapeutic, or educational bent. Occasionally, we bring in LGBTQ special guests from the local community to speak about their experiences growing up, going to school, and pursuing a career.

Special Events

Our special events include open mic, game nights, viewing parties, costume-karaoke, holiday dinners, and more. Depending on the event, the youth room is transformed into a makeshift coffee-shop with couches and bean bag chairs arranged around a stage area (mood lighting and microphone included). Or the room is broken up into game stations, so that teens can bounce between Super Smash Bros tournaments, card games, and interactive group games (like Werewolf and Pictionary). Event nights allow the youth to have high-school & college-flavored experiences in a safe, affirming environment.

Leadership Initiatives

Prism sponsors the development and implementation of youth-designed, youth-led educational projects. Prism Leadership Initiatives empowers teens to organize and raise awareness about the issues that matter to them. Initiative proposals require a mission statement, goals, an event schedule, a lead organizer, assistant organizers, and the opportunity for both education and peer-to-peer dialogue. Prism provides a screen for presentations. Facilitators are present at gatherings but allow the youth to lead (unless they are asked by organizers to assist).

Prism Youth Library

We at Prism believe that narratives are powerful tools for personal development. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for LGBTQ youth to find novels that include characters and themes they relate to. So, with the help of the community, we’re building a library of LGBTQ young adult literature for our teens. If you’d like to add a book to the library, you can find our wishlist on the “Give” page.

How to Join In-person Gatherings

If you are 14-18 and interested in attending a Prism Teens gathering, or if you are the guardian of someone who might like to attend, contact us at for more information.

Q Chat Space

If you’re in need of more support than what Prism is offering, we recommend Q Chat Space. Our friends at Q Chat Space are providing LGBTQ youth with dedicated space to discuss topics they care about on a safe, confidential platform. Follow the link to learn more.

Meal Service

Prism provides a volunteer-led meal service for our teen gatherings. If you enjoy cooking or preparing food and would like to occasionally contribute something for the teens, download a volunteer application from our “Get Involved” page.


Prism United responds to the comprehensive needs of LGBTQ youth. Specifically, Prism works to mitigate the psychological, socio-economic, and academic disadvantages caused by repression and victimization.

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