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Sep 13, 2022

Fall is almost here, and we’ve got so much to share with you!

Southwest Alabama Inclusion Project

Prism is pleased to be a part of the Southwest Alabama Inclusion Project, a coalition of organizations working to complete Southwest Alabama’s first-ever LGBTQ+ community needs assessment.

Our goal is to better understand the lived experiences of LGBTQ+ persons in Southwest Alabama and to identify their needs as they relate to:

  • Health, safety, and support
  • Programs
  • Services
  • Availability of inclusive spaces

The results of the needs assessment will help inform the work of area organizations, determine community priorities, and bring greater funding to local LGBTQ+ efforts.

Sign up on the project website to be informed of our progress and to be alerted when the survey tool is complete:

The Jack O’ Lantern Jubilee!

The Jack O’ Lantern Jubilee!The Jack O’ Lantern Jubilee!

On October 29th, Prism is partnering with Teen Advocates for Risk Prevention (TARP), a program of AIDS Alabama South, to throw a Jack-O’-Lantern Jubilee! The event will be available to LGBTQ+ teens (14-18) and will include food, mini games, a drag show, and more. It’s an opportunity for the youth to get in costume and have fun in a safe, affirming environment. For more detailskeep an eye on social media pages or email us at info@prismunited.org.

Event & Outreach Volunteers Needed

Event & Outreach Volunteers Needed

Speaking of the Halloween party, we’re looking for more volunteers to help us at special events and tabling opportunities. Interested in chaperoning at Prism Prom or sharing information with interested youth at a local ArtWalk? Sign up to be a part of our volunteer team here:

The Community Scoop

You can catch Prism at two public events this month:

  • On ThursdaySeptember 15th at 6pm, the LGBTQ+ Liaisons to the City of Mobile are hosting a Town Hall on the patio of Flip Side Bar.
  • Rainbow Pride of Mobile’s Pride Family Picnic on Sunday, September 18th from 12-4pm at Municipal Park. Attendees are encouraged to bring a picnic blanket, folding chairs, snacks, water, sun protection, bags for garbage collection, and rain gear (just in case). There will be vendors, food trucks, games, and live entertainment at the event.

LGBTQ+ Spotlight: Brooke Eden

Last month, Mighty Real Agency, a marketing agency that supports LGBTQ+ artists, reached out to introduce us to Brooke Eden:

“Brooke is unique as a country artist as she is a major label artist who openly identifies as LGBTQ+. She also understands firsthand the plight of navigating life authentically in a rural state.”

You can listen to her music here.

Sustaining Members

Prism has always depended upon leaders and volunteers willing to donate their time and talent to help the organization accomplish its mission. More recently, we’ve been able to hire staff. We cannot stress what a huge deal this is for the sustainability and quality of our programs. Thank you for helping us get to this point as a young, locally-grown organization.

We know that everything is more expensive right now. We’re feeling the squeeze, too. But if you’re in a position to contribute, we hope you’ll consider becoming a Sustaining Member. Our Sustaining Members close the distance between what we can dream and what we can accomplish.

To becoming a Sustaining Member, all you have to do is select “Make this donation every month” on our donation page.

Thanks for believing in what we do.

Warmest regards,
The Prism Team

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Prism United responds to the comprehensive needs of LGBTQ youth. Specifically, Prism works to mitigate the psychological, socio-economic, and academic disadvantages caused by repression and victimization.

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