Catch up on the WHO WE ARE Campaign

Oct 19, 2021

Who We are

What a Start!

We’re halfway through the WHO WE ARE Campaign and our videos have already received 6,000 views on Facebook alone. Thank you for helping us lift up the stories of LGBTQ youth in our community by sharing them on your social media pages.

In case you haven’t had the opportunity to see them yet, you can find the stories from our docuseries on the Prism United Facebook page or here on our website.

It Takes All of Us

Prism has been serving LGBTQ youth in Lower Alabama for over three years, and there’s so much more that we want to do. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, Prism has seen all of its major fundraisers canceled for two years in a row.

Here’s a word from our executive director about how you can help us keep Prism in operation and be a part of its growth for years to come.


A HUGE thank you to our campaign sponsors for helping us bring this dream to fruition:

AIDS Alabama South
Campaign for Southern Equality
Citrus & Cane
Open Table
Rainbow Mobile

We look forward to introducing you to our sponsors on our Facebook page in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out!

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Prism United responds to the comprehensive needs of LGBTQ youth. Specifically, Prism works to mitigate the psychological, socio-economic, and academic disadvantages caused by repression and victimization.

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