April News

Last week, members of the Prism family told us by video what Prism United means to them. You can listen to their messages here:

Because of COVID-19, Prism United’s funding has taken a major hit. Our two biggest fundraisers—Come Out Mobile and Bent Broadway—have been postponed until the fall. This comes at a challenging time for us. We’ve just launched a new chapter of Prism in Fairhope and doubled our volunteer staff. We’ve been able to continue supporting the youth through virtual gatherings, but the reality is, Prism won’t be sustainable unless we find more funding.

We hope that you’ll help us rise to the challenge. We want to continue responding to the comprehensive needs of LGBTQ+ youth in our area for years to come. If you are able and willing, consider making a contribution to Prism today and help us spread the word about this campaign.

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